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Timeshare Compliance, also doing business as Pandora Marketing is a timeshare exit and consumer advocacy company founded in 2012 and is in Aliso Viejo, CA. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company became officially incorporated in 2016.

Website Analysis

On their website, Timeshare Compliance greets you a one sentence statement: “

“We are a full-service advocacy group helping clients like you legally and successfully exit timeshare contracts.”

The statement is followed by a call to action to contact the company for a “Free Consultation”. Scrolling beyond the call to action, Timeshare Compliance describes a simple 3 step process which includes: Investigate, Advocate and Resolve with additional details in a Learn How We Work” section.  When reading those sections, we found they offer additional services such as “credit restoration and monitoring” and also it appears that they have “legal experts” to help you through your timeshare exit process.

Directly off the home page, a visitor can link to their YouTube channel, which is great, but we do see some missing sections such as an “About Us”, “FAQs” on the company site and while the site contains some customer reviews, there are no pictures or videos.  However, they do link directly to TrustPilot and BBB sites so a visitor can easily access and read those ratings and reviews. While you can’t click the first set of logos, you can scroll down the home page to find a second set of clickable logos. Smart! This way a visitor reads a bit more about the company before clicking away from the website.

Next to the TrustPilot and BBB links are clickable logos for SuperMoney and Escrow.Com which are two resources a visitor can consider for financing their services fees if they decide to hire Timeshare Compliance. We especially like the escrow option as we like to recommend that our readers use escrow when paying for timeshare exit company’s service fees.

Next, we reviewed the “How We Work” section, which is accessible from their top navigation bar where we were able to learn more about their 3 steps process.

The first step is when you are provided a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation with one of their Client Specialists. They will review and conduct some investigation to help prepare a case file for your case analyst.

Next, a case analyst will contact you to go over some options, prepare a service agreement and upon acceptance of that service agreement, their team of legal experts prepare a case strategy designed for your situation.

Step 3 is described as once the case file is complete, it goes to your attorney and then finally, your case is (hopefully) resolved.

Also in the navigation is a link titled, “Do I Qualify?” which brings you to a set of questions that help determine if you qualify for the company’s services which means Timeshare Compliance is not able to help everyone as every case is different. Be wary of any timeshare exit company that claims the company can help everyone as this is simply not true. A company should at least conduct some discovery about your situation first before committing to getting you out of your contract. We like that Timeshare Compliance offers this quick mini survey as a proactive step.

We completed it to see what the results would be. We answered that we felt pressured, still owed on our timeshare and that we owed $500-$1000 in yearly maintenance fees and lastly, we purchased our timeshare in Mexico. Once we clicked “Submit”, our results appeared quickly showing us that we did qualify and that we should contact Timeshare Compliance for a 15-minute FREE consultation.

Based on the mini-survey questions and after watching the company’s YouTube video, it seems Timeshare Compliance’s services align to other timeshare exit companies in which the company can help if a timeshare owner was pressured or misled to purchase a timeshare. It also appears that you can qualify for their services even if you owe on your timeshare.

Overall, the website is clean, informative and simple, but some of the major sections are missing especially our favorite, “About Us”.

We could assume that the company is redesigning their website as our previous 2019 review of Timeshare Compliance, we reviewed the FAQ section along with some other sections that no longer exist in their current website.  We will be sure to update our review if we notice significant updates on the website.

Timeshare Compliance’s Web Presence

Since the company website is sparce on content, we conducted additional research to learn more about Timeshare Compliance.

There are no links to social media sites from the company website, but we were able to find a few additional social medial sites through our own search.

Timeshare Compliance does have a LinkedIn profile that lists some of their employees who claim to work for Timeshare Compliance. We were not able to locate a profile for Pandora Marketing, LLC.

As mentioned, they do have a YouTube channel that links from the company home page, but we also find a second one under “Timeshare Compliance” where you can find an additional 20 videos whereas the YouTube channel clickable from their home page only shows 2 videos and is under the name of “Timeshare Compliance 1”.

Perhaps they are not able to access the original YouTube Channel account for whatever reason. Lost password perhaps?

We checked the California Secretary of State website to check records for Pandora Marketing, LLC (d.b.a. Timeshare Compliance”) and they are current and we also found a  “William Wilson” as the registered agent of the company. We were not able to find much information about “William Wilson”.

Timeshare Compliance Reviews

The Timeshare Compliance reviews online are positive, overall. We recommend that our visitors read as many reviews as possible as it helps to provide additional insight into companies.

As of 2/20/2021, the company has an aggregate 4.3 (out of 5) star rating out of 272 reviews on TrustPilot.

Here is one of the recent positive reviews from TrustPilot which gives us some insight into how long the process takes (7 months).

We don’t know the specifics of their case and if this is the norm, but it’s nice to see a time reference one can use as a guideline.

The Better Business Bureau gives the company (listed as Pandora Marketing LLC and accredited by the BBB) an A+ rating and overall, they have and a 4.79 rating (out of 5) and 53 reviews.

There are a total of 12 complaints on BBB (as of 2/20/2021) and to date, all cases have been resolved. Of the complaints, they ranged from receiving unsolicited phone calls to misunderstandings in the contract language. Timeshare Compliance appears to be highly active in responding to the BBBs reviews and complaints which appears they do care about their customers.

Here is a review from Raymond that also mentions the “efforts of the legal firm” which is a solid sign that Timeshare Compliance utilizes attorneys to help with the exit strategy.

While researching Google reviews, we did notice that the business profile states that they are listed a “real estate agents”. At first, this may cause an eyebrow to raise and wonder if they also buy and sell timeshares. We were not able to locate any evidence that they buy and sell timeshares and in fact, below is the summary they provided as part of their business profile to TrustPilot.

“Our team at Timeshare Compliance works to resolve contracts issues with unscrupulous timeshare developers. We collaborate with specialists and attorneys who assess contracts to determine whether your developer followed all of the rules and regulations or subjected you to unethical sales practices…We do not buy, sell or list timeshares.”

Recapping their Google reviews, we found that they have 44 reviews and a 4.2-star (out of 5 stars) rating.

One review mentions asking and receiving a refund once they decided to not move forward with Timeshare Compliance.

Another review references the time frame of 9 months, and as we mentioned above, we do not know the complexities of the case so we’re not sure if this timeframe is the norm or an exception. We provide more information about the length of the process later in this review.

As you will see in most of our other reviews, we also like to peek at any information and reviews posted on Glassdoor.Com which is a great website to learn more about employers and how their employees (current and former) rate and review their companies.

They have a 4.2-star rating (out of 5) based on 32 reviews and 78% recommend the company to a friend. They do not list who their CEO is like other Glassdoor employer profiles.

Three former Timeshare Compliance employees have negatively reviewed Timeshare Compliance for promises made by the employer to the employee that ultimately proved untrue (as of 1/15/2019.) Other reviews were overall positive and some mentioned food being a great “pro” while others do not seem as excited about the abundance of food available.

Their Facebook page lists additional reviews where the company shows as having a 3.4-star rating (out of 5 stars). Here is a review from Raymond Garcia.


Timeshare Compliance Cost for Services

The Timeshare Compliance cost is not available on the company’s website due to individualized timeshare cancellation cases requiring different specific services, and thus different fees. We searched through customer reviews to find more information.

Joe, a reviewer from TrustPilot says, “…when they tell you how much it will cost to get you out, it might seem like a lot, but believe me when I tell you that this amount is a fraction of what you will pay over the years in maintenance fees.”

Other reviews mention the costs as “steep” while others say “reasonable” although what is considered “steep” for one person could be “reasonable” for another and vice versa.

One review on BBB by a “Judith M.” mentions that the Timeshare Compliance cost for services was $3,949, which can be used as a general guideline.

Even so, the only way to get a true estimate of Timeshare Compliance’s charge is by using the free consultation mentioned on the company website.

Timeshare Compliance’s Escrow Payment Option

Timeshare Compliance offers an escrow payment option which allows payment for Timeshare Compliance’s services to be initially made to a third-party holding escrow account. The money is not released to Timeshare Compliance until the successful completion of their timeshare cancellation service to the customer.

An additional fee may be charged to use the escrow payment option, but it can provide extra piece of mind. You may also need to pay a small amount up-front, but most of the payment for the exit service can be held in the escrow account.

Timeshare Compliance is affiliated with a company called “SuperMoney, as we saw on the company’s homepage. “SuperMoney” provides various financing options and products based on your credit score. Timeshare Compliance does have a profile associated with this company but not enough reviews to understand if clients recommend using “SuperMoney” or how many used this service. Unfortunately, we could not locate any additional information about the partnership.

We did find one TrustPilot review where the client mentioned a “payment plan” however it is not conclusive as to who offered the payment plan.

Low up-front fee escrow payment options are the best way for customers to protect themselves from losing money to a timeshare exit company that is unable to follow through with services, whether this is due to fraud or the company going out of business and disappearing into thin air. The fact that Timeshare Compliance offers such an option speaks very highly of the company and is one reason we like to recommend them.

Timeshare Compliance Length of Process

Timeshare Compliance does not provide a specific timeframe for the overall process or each step on their website, but in the reviews the most common time frame mentioned is 9 months while other reviews are vague and simply state the process took “quite a bit of time” and “we wish the process could have been quicker” which is understandable.

We were not able to determine if their cases were simple or complex so we would encourage using the free consultation they offer.

Concluding Thoughts


Overall, Timeshare Compliance appears to be a legitimate, credible business, and their escrow payment option gives them a huge competitive edge in the industry by providing customers with security in knowing that their money is protected and will not be released in full to Timeshare Compliance before the client’s timeshare is cancelled.


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