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Wesley Financial Group Inc, also operating as icanceltimeshares.com and sometimes referred to as “WFG”, was founded by Chuck McDowell in 2011.  The company has two locations with the headquarters located in Franklin, Tennessee and another location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wesley Financial Group specializes in debt relief and timeshare cancellations for people who have been misrepresented in the sales process.

Website Analysis

The company website is a full multi-media website with a lot of immediate interaction with their visitors. The company’s 3 main areas of focus ensure you know who the team is, why the business was started and direct testimonies from satisfied customers.

Immediately in the first paragraph, we see the company has a “Money Back Guarantee” and the company has successfully cancelled 15,000 timeshare contracts. Under the main paragraph, the company provides 3 highlights as to how the team can help:

  • By filling out a form, you can receive a “Free Timeshare Exit Info Kit”
  • With over 400 employees across the country, the company has industry leaders that can assist you and services are not outsourced.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – however, the company does not accept all cases and display some numbers for you. The company claims to have a 98% success rate and for the remaining cases, the company has refunded money back to those individuals.

We also noticed a section that did not seem to be present in the past month when we first reviewed the website. Either we missed it or its new but there is an FAQ section on their home page that answers the most asked questions by potential clients.

Some timeshare exit companies mention or allude to “stopping payment on your timeshare”, but Wesley Financial addresses the commonly asked question of what happens if you stop

payment on your timeshare. The company’s answer restates the fact that collection agencies will contact you and that you could face legal action. Wesley Financial Group clearly states,

The only way to get rid of your timeshare maintenance fees, mortgage payments and other special assessment fees altogether is to get rid of your timeshare permanently.

This reiterates that the company is not encouraging people to do anything that would harm their credit or would breach their timeshare contract.

The most important feature of a website, in our opinion apart from the services a company provides and their home page, is a well-populated “About Us” page. Wesley Financial Group has a great “About Us” page where you can see faces of all the leadership and team members including the attorneys on staff. And when we say, “all leadership and team members”, we mean ALL. We did not count but the page is never ending which in our opinion, is a plus as not only are they transparent about who is on their team, but the company acknowledges every employee on the staff. We also noticed that Chuck McDowell’s son is also part of the leadership which is no surprise as Chuck comes across as a “family man”.

Chuck has his own dedicated page under the “About Us” section if you want to learn more about him and how he got started in the timeshare exit business.

While watching one of Chuck McDowell’s (CEO & Founder) video tours of the Nashville office space, he introduces an area of their offices dedicated to “legal” and discusses his business model of doing everything in house. He uses what he refers to as an “Advocate Model” meaning Wesley Financial Group helps their customers make phone calls and send letters to their timeshare company to help release them from their timeshare contractual obligations. However, clients are supported by in-house attorneys which is a great business model so this reiterates that the attorneys we saw listed on the “About Us” page are part of the Wesley Financial Team.

Most timeshare cancellations use third-party law firms which only further delays the overall process. It also puts a bit of a shroud of mystery as to who you may be working with.

To the right of the company’s “About Us” top navigation link, is where one can find information about the company’s four-step process described as Free consultation, Account Review, Account Resolution and ending with the final step of Successful Termination. We have seen other sources of information that describe the final step as including “credit repair”.

Overall, the website has a decent layout and appears to have been updated recently.

Information is easily found along the standard navigation along the top and bottom which includes links to the company’s social media sites. There is even a link to a page full of self-taped customer testimonials.

Another interesting aspect of the website that has been removed recently was that it featured a “pop-up” notice each time someone signed up for a free consultation giving the visitor the impression the potential client is “not alone” in their dilemma.  We did feel it was annoying as it was distracting but did like the intent, however in the new site, the “popup” feature is gone but the first message on their “About Us” page states, “You Are Not Alone In Your Battle”.

Dun & Bradstreet and Other Industry Recognition

Wesley Financial Group has a strong, positive, reputable presence in the industry. One of the most important recognitions is their high Dun & Bradstreet rating.

Dun & Bradstreet rates the financial health of millions of companies around the globe and is one of the most credible sources when it comes to credit, risk, marketing, and other analytics regarding health of businesses.

A timeshare exit company with a low Dun & Bradstreet rating means the company may not have the funds available to honor a “100% Money-Back Guarantee” that so many timeshare exit companies advertise including Wesley Financial.

Wesley Financial Group is highly rated by Dun & Bradstreet which means it is financially healthy and can honor a “100% Money-Back Guarantee” in the unlikely event that your timeshare is not cancelled.

Accolades do not stop with Dun & Bradstreet.

In 2020, not only was Wesley Financial Group ranked number 203 of 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. Co, but also as one of the best workplaces for Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women 2020. The company also ranked 16th nationally out of the small to medium business category.

Wesley Financial Group was also elected as one of the best places to work in 2020 by the Nashville Business Journal.

Most recently, the team at Wesley Financial was awarded the Stevie ® Award for Sales and Customer Service. Steve ® Awards honor the achievements and positive contribution of working professionals and is one of the world’s prestigious prizes. The company also started a scholarship program in 2020 which is a great way to invest in the next generation and contribute to the community.

Who is Chuck McDowell?

Chuck McDowell is the charismatic CEO and founder of Wesley Financial Group and acts as the voice of the company in commercials that the business runs to advertise its services. It is important to note that the company’s ads feature real, happy clients as opposed to paid actors which give the company some legitimacy and helps to create a connection and trust with a potential client.

Chuck McDowell is also known as a consumer advocate of sorts. After only a year of forming Wesley Financial, he went head-to-head in a legal battle against Wyndham, a large timeshare company which also happened to be his former employer.  In what was described as a “David and Goliath” battle, the case revolved around Wyndham accusing McDowell of divulging trade secrets to help timeshare owners cancel their Wyndham timeshare. McDowell was found not guilty in a jury trial that took less than 20 minutes to deliberate.

You can hear more about the emotional and legal aspects that Chuck faced in a 6 minute video on the website on the “About Chuck” page where he and his wife are featured. You will also find Chuck in many of the other videos highlighted on their website depicting a family man, someone who loves jellybeans and is highly involved in day-to-day operations of his company.

Wesley Financial Group Reviews

Wesley Financial Group reviews online are positive, overall.

As of 2/17/2021, the company has an aggregate 4.6 (out of 5) star rating on Google, with 257 total reviews. The lowest ratings are mostly airing dissatisfaction with the cost of services, and it seems that some of the reviews were not posted by former clients. Most of the reviews believe the fees were “worth it”.

Here is one review from Google where the client described how Wesley Financial Group helped them even though they owed a mortgage on one of the timeshares.

The company’s TrustPilot rating out of 552 reviews is 4.9 (out of 5) stars, as of 2/17/2021. There is only one negative (1 star) review on Yelp from 2014 that speaks against the company (as of 1/15/2019.) This is a very good sign that shows Wesley Financial Group is not a scam.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Wesley Financial Group an A+ rating and has a 4.87 out of 5-star rating based on 578 reviews as of 2/17/2021.

Wesley also has an A+ on the BBB with only 32 complaints in the past three years. This is an impressive feat for a company that assisted over 15,000 timeshare owners.

We did locate a review on BBB that confused Wesley Financial Group with a different company. The other complaints were based around the costs in which Wesley Financial has resolved by refunding partial if not all costs which is in alignment with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here is an example of a customer who was upset about the costs of services. We like that Wesley Financial Group provided an honest response and that they were able to come to an amicable resolution.

And while not often included in a review of a timeshare cancellation company, we also like to look at how the employees feel about their company and employer. Wesley Financial Group has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor.com, a leading job and insights company that provides honest reviews about companies and their workplace practices. This is the type of company that truly cares not only for their clients, but also for their employees.

Wesley Financial Group Cost of Services

Like all other timeshare cancellation companies, the cost for services is not disclosed online, due to timeshare cancellation services requiring more information to quote a fair and proper estimate of total fees. In some of the reviews, some costs were mentioned to be around $5000 but no other information regarding the complexities of their cases mentioned. Wesley Financial Group offers a free consultation and a free “kit” that explains all the services and fee structure.

Wesley Financial Group Length of Process

Like most companies, the company does not provide an exact timeframe it will take to exit your timeshare, however most reviews discuss a speedy process. In a press release, Chuck mentioned a time frame of 18 to 36 months, “depending on the situation”. One review mentioned the timeframe being only 4 months. If you would like a better idea of cost for your unique situation, we would recommend taking advantage of Wesley Financial Group’s free consultation.

Wesley Financial Group 100% Money Back Guarantee and Concluding Thoughts


We like to recommend that our readers only engage in timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option to cancel your time share. We have made an exception with Wesley Financial Group for the following reasons:

  1. They have a high Dun & Bradstreet rating.
  2. Several video testimonials from their customers.
  3. Hundreds of positive reviews online.
  4. Well established positive presence not just as a timeshare cancellation company but as one who has a healthy work ethic that gives back to their community.
  5. Wesley Financial has refunded money in all cases where the company has not been successful which is roughly only 2%.

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