American Settlement Services Review

American Settlement Services, founded in 2013, is a timeshare exit company located out of Springfield, MO.

American Settlement Services and Nationwide Settlement Solutions

American Settlement Services is owned by Michael Miles, who also owns Nationwide Settlement Solutions, according to the BBB as of 1/18/2019. An employee mentioned that American Settlement Services and Nationwide Settlement Solutions are the same company on their Glassdoor page, and, as of 1/18/2019, both companies’ websites feature the same CEO background story.

As of 1/18/2019, Nationwide Settlement Solutions is ranked “F” and has 42 complaints on BBB. It could be the case that Nationwide Settlement Solutions switched to operating as American Settlement Services in order to escape their negative reputation.

This is exactly why we recommend working with companies that offer an escrow payment option. When you pay with escrow, the timeshare exit company does not get paid from the escrow account until after the timeshare has been cancelled. This is the best way to protect yourself from scams. Learn more about escrow and why you should care here.

American Settlement Services Reviews

American Settlement Services reviews on their “Satisfied Customers” page feature lengthy testimonials written by happy customers. Some of these clients mention American Settlement Services seminars that convinced them to work with the company in the cancellation of their timeshare contract. In-person seminars for timeshare exit companies generally increases the cost of the timeshare termination service and are unnecessary. It is important to be aware that timeshare exit companies that use in-person meetings to sell their service often engage in aggressive sales strategies to convince a timeshare owner to purchase their service, which, ironically, is not unlike timeshare developer sales tactics used in presentations of timeshares.

Off site, American Settlement Service reviews are negative, overall. As of 1/8/2019, the company has 3 (out of 5) stars on the BBB and 27 complaints. Their aggregate Google rating (as of 1/18/2019) is 3.2 (out of 5) stars. In these negative reviews, customers mention being subjected to aggressive sales strategies, terrible customer service, and misrepresentations by the company.

American Settlement Services Cost

The American Settlement Services cost is not available via the web, much like other timeshare exit companies, because they offer specialized, case-by-case services. The company does offer a consultation contact form on their website. It is important to note that customers did mention on Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ BBB page costs ranging from $2,500 to $8,995.

Concluding Thoughts

Both of Michael Miles’ timeshare exit companies, American Settlement Services and Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ many complaints and negative reviews make both companies un-recommendable.

It is always recommended to work with a timeshare exit company with a strong, positive reputation that also offers a no up-front fee escrow payment option, which allows clients to pay money for their service to a third-party holding account that releases the funds to the timeshare exit company only upon the success of their service. This is the best way to protect yourself from possible scams, which occur too frequently with timeshare exit companies.

If you would like to discuss timeshare exit companies further or learn more about no up-front fee escrow payment options, please fill out the form on this page or engage in our live chat.

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