Attorney Advocates of America

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There is a new timeshare exit company that has come into our radar this last year- Attorney Advocates of America. Based in Aventura, Florida, the company started in 2013, and started running Facebook ads in 2020. They are ultimately a group of attorneys working to help you exit the timeshare, rather than a few timeshare experts. For this reason, they might be more expensive, although that might be worth it if you’re looking for someone who is bound to serve by the law.


There are many attorneys working for Attorney Advocates of America, with hardly any of them actually being found online due to a high amount of profiles or a nonexistent profile. It seems that the owner, Henry Portner, is the only person who can be found online, listed as the manager of the Attorney Advocates of America on Let’s take a look at the other attorneys at Attorney Advocates of America.

William Kerr: There were several profiles found for Kerr, unable to determine which is from Attorney Advocates of America.

Marisa Goldberg: No profile was found.

Michael Ross: There were several profiles found for Ross, unable to determine which is from Attorney Advocates of America.

Henry Portner: Profile found on, member in good standing.

It was difficult to find these lawyers on because Attorney Advocates of America isn’t found through a search on the website. Henry Portner is the only one who has anything mentioning Attorney Advocates of America.


The website was quite easy to navigate and a good resource to learn more about the company and it’s systems. First, we see a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is great except that we have seen other companies go out of business and their customers never getting their money back, although they had this guarantee.

Towards the end of the homepage, we can see some alleged customer reviews from past consumers. Some of the pictures used to represent the alleged past customers are stock photos, found through a quick Google search. This is slightly concerning, as they might be using false photos to create false reviews of customers, delegitimizing their company’s credibility.

Remember that it’s important that the timeshare exit company offers an escrow payment option, so that they do not get paid in full until the timeshare has been officially cancelled. This holds the timeshare exit company accountable, which also protects you as a consumer.

US Consumer Attorneys and Henry Portner

Surprisingly, Attorney Advocates of America has an interesting connection to US Consumer Attorneys through Henry Portner- who is listed as working for both companies as a manager. US Consumer Attorneys is a timeshare exit company that has been around for a while. They have several negative reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, and the BBB.

Many of the reviews mention that they had a hard time getting in contact with US Consumer Attorneys regarding customer service issues, and many others suggest that their credit was harmed after working with US Consumer Attorneys.


It is hard to recommend a company that has connections to US Consumer Attorneys, and that has an attorney who works for both companies. Further, it seems that their attorneys are available online if you know which ones are which, and that Henry Portner, the one that is working for both companies and is listed as a manager, has a positive review on Overall, it’s for you to decide!

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