Cancel Manhattan Club Timeshare

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Manhattan Club of New York provides its timeshare clients with premium suites located right in the center of it all. The established Manhattan Club has made a name for itself over the years among business and leisure travelers alike. Whether you are a current Manhattan Club timeshare client that does not travel to New York regularly anymore or does not find use in your timeshare anymore, this article will provide you with well-researched tips on how to get rid of Manhattan Club timeshare.

Manhattan Club Timeshare Cancellation Options

Your options for Manhattan Club timeshare cancellation vary, and it is important to consider the right one that fits your specific situation. So, let’s explore the different routes you can take to achieve Manhattan Club timeshare cancellation.

First of all, if you are new to Manhattan Club, you might be eligible to use your state’s timeshare rescission period to walk away from your timeshare with no penalty. Timeshare rescission periods vary by state, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. If it has not been long since you became a Manhattan Club timeshare owner, then you should definitely look over the papers you were given when you first became a Manhattan Club timeshare member to find out if you are eligible. If not, then consider the next option: contacting Manhattan Club directly to see about working something out. You should do this since some timeshare companies are willing to work with unhappy clients to break their obligation early. That said, most timeshare companies will not do so, as it is not in their best interest financially.

So, if you’ve tried to call Manhattan Club and were given a negative response, then you need to find a different way to get rid of your Manhattan Club timeshare. Resale might pop into your head while brainstorming options; however, the unfortunate truth is that most timeshares, including those from Manhattan Club, can be very difficult to sell or even give away at no cost! If you want to verify this yourself, look at how many listings on Ebay there are for Manhattan Club timeshares that don’t have any bids, even when marked down to one buck!

Timeshare Cancellation Companies

That’s where timeshare cancellation companies come in. Timeshare cancellation companies utilize the expertise of attorneys to help dissatisfied timeshare owners like you get rid of their timeshare contracts.

Unfortunately, fraud and scams are very prevalent in the timeshare cancellation industry. It is not uncommon for timeshare cancellation companies to promise their clients timeshare freedom for an up-front price only to run away with the money without fulfilling their promise. Because of this, we highly recommend that you choose a timeshare cancellation company that allows you to make payment through an escrow payment option where you deposit funds to a holding account that gives the money to the business if and only if they cancel your timeshare, thus fulfilling their obligation to you. Learn more about escrow and why you should care here.

It’s very important that you research timeshare cancellation companies extensively before selecting one. Our reviews on this website are there to help you out! You can also call us, use live chat or use our form for contact if you’d like more personalized advice.

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