Get Rid of GeoHoliday Timeshare

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The GeoHoliday vacation club company gives its members flexibility to travel to any of their 4,500 resorts across the world. Locations include a multitude of accommodations in Europe, Mexico, and Asia, among other places. That said, members of GeoHoliday may find that the program is not as good a deal as they thought when they signed up. If you are a GeoHoliday member looking for an exit, read on to find out how to best achieve GeoHoliday timeshare cancellation.

GeoHoliday Timeshare Cancellation Options

To get rid of GeoHoliday timeshare in the best way for your specific case, you need to be aware of the various routes you can take to get out of the timeshare membership.

If you’ve only just become a GeoHoliday member, then you may be able to use the timeshare rescission period in your state to “rescind” the timeshare membership back to GeoHoliday with no penalty. This is by far the easiest way to get out of a timeshare commitment, but it will only work if you have been a timeshare owner for no longer than a few days to a few weeks, depending on the state’s specific allotment of time allowing you to do so. Timeshare companies like GeoHoliday are required by law to give you information on this in the papers you receive after signing your contract, so you definitely need to check into this before doing anything else.

If you are already past the timeshare rescission period, you should next try calling GeoHoliday to see if they have any programs in place for situations like yours. Some timeshare companies are willing to help dissatisfied members get out of their contracts early, but most are not. Why would they when they are still profiting of membership and maintenance fees?

If you call up GeoHoliday and are turned away after mentioning that you want to get rid of your timeshare contract with them, then you might wonder if you could sell your membership to someone else to get out of it. Unfortunately, this is next to impossible in most cases. Timeshares are notorious for being extremely difficult to get rid of through resale, since the vast majority decrease in value significantly as soon as they are purchased.

Timeshare Cancellation Companies

The good news is that if none of the above options work for you, then timeshare cancellation companies are there to help you get out of your timeshare legally and permanently. These businesses employ experts in the timeshare industry to help timeshare owners get out of their unwanted timeshare no matter how precarious the situation.

If this sounds like the best bet for you to get rid of GeoHoliday timeshare, then make sure you thoroughly research a trustworthy timeshare cancellation company before working with one. Unfortunately, scams are rampant in the timeshare cancellation company, and it happens all too often that timeshare owners are scammed out of their cash by sleazy folks who coerce them to pay upfront for “timeshare cancellation” services only to disappear after such payment is made.

For this reason, you should consider working with a timeshare cancellation company that lets you pay with an escrow payment option where your money is held in escrow until the timeshare is out of your hands entirely, at which point it is transferred to the timeshare cancellation company. Learn more about escrow and why you should care.

We can help you find a legitimate timeshare cancellation company like this to help you with GeoHoliday timeshare cancellation. Please feel free to browse our timeshare cancellation company reviews on this website, or reach out directly to use via contact form, live chat, or phone to speak with us directly about doing so. We are here to help!

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