Get Rid of Grand Solmar Timeshare

Right on the Cabo San Lucas beaches stands The Grand Solmar – a resort that appeals to vacationers looking to relax in serene surroundings and take part in the numerous amenities Grand Solmar has to offer, like an infinity pool, private cabanas & beaches, and a came-up bar. With their versatile selection of accommodations ranging from studio rooms to penthouses, The Grand Solmar has something for everyone. If you’re an owner of one of the timeshares that Grand Solmar sells but have grown tired with vacationing to the same location time and time again, we can help you find out more on how to get rid of Grand Solmar timeshare.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Cancellation Options

There are many routes you can take to achieve Grand Solmar timeshare cancellation, but the best one for your individual situation will depend on a variety of factors.

First of all, if you only just recently purchased your Grand Solmar timeshare but now regret the decision, you need to look into the timeshare rescission period outlined in your contract. This is an allotment of time that timeshare companies are required to grant tnew timeshare owners to let them give back their purchase to the resort for a full refund. Before you do anything else, scan the documents you received when you purchased your Grand Solmar timeshare to find out what the specifics are regarding the timeshare rescission period and how to claim it. The timeshare rescission period in Mexico is not very long, so act quickly. If you have owned your timeshare for more than two weeks, this is not an option for getting rid of your Grand Solmar timeshare.

If you have already paid off your Grand Solmar timeshare mortgage but want to get out of the timeshare contract early to stop paying your maintenance fees and give you freedom to travel elsewhere, you might want to consider calling the Grand Solmar resort directly to see if they have any programs in place for situations like yours. Some timeshare companies do, in fact, offer “buy-back” programs to get you out of your timeshare commitment early. Sometimes this is available for owners who still owe a mortgage on the timeshare as well. Most timeshare companies do not want to help clients they are continually profiting off of break the cycle, so if Grand Solmar is not willing to work with you, then be prepared to pursue a different path.

One such path towards timeshare freedom that many timeshare owners believe is a good option is reselling their timeshare online. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Unlike real estate, but much like buying a new car, timeshares actually decrease substantially in value as soon as they are purchased. Most timeshare owners find it impossible to get rid of their timeshares by selling them, even for next to nothing!

Timeshare Cancellation Companies

So, to get rid of Grand Solmar timeshare, your best bet may be to enlist the help of experts at doing so. Such experts can be found at timeshare cancellation companies, where legal professionals band together to help owners of unwanted timeshares like yourself get out of their contracts, permanently and legally.

However, it is important to be wary of scams when looking for one of these timeshare cancellation companies to get help from. All too often, timeshare cancellation companies are nothing more than fronts for scammers to cheat unwitting timeshare owners out of their cash, by coercing them to paying for the cancellation service upfront and then taking off with the money without ever actually canceling the timeshare. To avoid such scams, be cautious of paying upfront for a timeshare cancellation service without an escrow payment option.

In fact, we recommend working with a timeshare cancellation company that lets you pay with an escrow payment option where the funds are held in a third-party escrow account until the timeshare is out of your hands for good. Learn more about escrow and why you should care here.

Our website exists to help you locate a trusted timeshare cancellation company. Browse the multitude of timeshare cancellation company reviews we have on this site or reach out to us directly through live chat, contact form, or phone to get a personal consultation from us.

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