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How to Cancel Your Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare

If you are a Grandview Las Vegas timeshare owner looking to rid yourself of a no longer wanted timeshare, our advice can help direct you towards the best method for getting out of your timeshare contract.

Timeshare Resale Market

It is not uncommon for timeshare owners to believe that owning a timeshare is like owning real estate, where value increases over time. However, the unfortunate, and perhaps disheartening, truth is that most timeshares actually lose 50% or more of their value as soon as they are purchased.

Some timeshares purchased from resorts like Disney Vacation Club do hold most of their value, but the fact that Grandview Las Vegas timeshares are so popular only contributes to its overrepresentation in the timeshare resale market. Many Grandview Las Vegas timeshares can be found listed on Ebay for as little as $1, with no bidders.

Timeshare Exit Companies

Timeshares are notoriously difficult to sell on the timeshare resale market, and commonly, timeshare resorts are of little to no help in assisting timeshare owners with breaking their contracts. It can never hurt to first reach out to Grandview Las Vegas directly to see about any options they have for helping you get rid of your unwanted timeshare. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is usually no incentive for a timeshare developer to help their timeshare owners get out of one of their timeshares, especially if the timeshare owner still owes a mortgage. Why would they when they can keep collecting mortgage payments and profit from maintenance fees?

For these reasons, timeshare exit companies exist to help timeshare owners terminate their unwanted timeshare contracts, often by working with legal professionals. It is important to thoroughly research a timeshare exit company before employing use of its services, as cases of fraud are not uncommon in the industry. There have been numerous cases of timeshare exit companies collecting payment from a client and either going out of business or never actually cancelling the contract, but still retaining the customer’s money. Because of this, it is never recommended to pay a timeshare exit company an up-front, direct fee for their timeshare cancellation service. Instead, you should only consider working with a timeshare exit business that allows you to use a no up-front fee escrow payment option, where fees are paid first to a third-party holding account that only releases the funds to the company once they have completed their promised service. This is the only way to ensure total protection from a scam. Here on our website, we review timeshare exit companies and provide timeshare owners with advice on getting out of their unwanted timeshare contracts. If you want to receive a consultation from us, further examine the option of timeshare exit companies, or hear more about no up-front fee escrow payment options, please fill out our contact form or engage in our live chat.

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