How to Get Out of a Bluegreen Timeshare

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If you are looking for options on getting out of a Bluegreen timeshare, we are here to help by providing advice.

Bluegreen Timeshare Cancellation Policy & State Rescission Period

State rescission period laws exist for the protection of new timeshare owners. Also referred to as the “cool-down period,” these laws ensure that a timeshare owner can cancel a new timeshare purchase and receive a full refund as long as the cancellation occurs within the state’s rescission period. The rescission period is different in each state, but most give owners 3 – 14 days to rescind their new timeshare purchase .

Information regarding your state’s laws and process regarding the rescission period should have been provided to you by Bluegreen when you purchased the timeshare. You typically need to mail a letter via certified or registered mail within the rescission period to be eligible for rescission.

If the rescission period has ended, then the first step you should take is to contact Bluegreen to find out if they have any options for cancelling your timeshare through them directly. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Bluegreen Timeshare Resale

Many timeshare owners think timeshares, like real estate, increase in value over time. However, for most timeshares, this is untrue. Most timeshares decrease in value significantly after purchase. For example, several timeshares can be found on Ebay and Craigslist for $1 and many do not have bids.

There are timeshare brokers that assist with reselling timeshares for a commission. However, brokers work on a commission on the sale of the timeshare, and if the timeshare won’t even sell for $1, the broker doesn’t have much incentive to sell the timeshare. This is why many brokers will only work with owners of high value, in-demand timeshares. If a timeshare resale company charges a high up-front fee or claims to be able to resell a your timeshare for profit, it is likely a scam.

No Upfront-Fee Escrow Payment Options & Timeshare Exit Companies

Timeshare exit companies assist timeshare owners with getting rid of their unwanted timeshare. They can be a good option when owners have tried unsuccessfully to sell the timeshare or give it back to their resort.

It is important to put in research to find a legitimate, reputable timeshare exit company if you are considering using one to help terminate your timeshare because scams are rampant in this industry. Our #1 recommendation is to work with a timeshare exit company that offers an escrow payment option so the timeshare exit company does not get paid in full until after the timeshare is cancelled. Learn more about escrow and why your should care.

Our website exists to help timeshare owners with cancelling their timeshare. We review timeshare exit companies and like to recommend those that offer no up-front fee escrow payment options to ensure that you are 100% protected from scams.

In the timeshare relief industry, there have been many cases of timeshare exit companies charging clients up-front for their services and never following up with their end of the bargain. For this reason, it is only recommended to work with a timeshare exit company that offers a no up-front fee escrow payment option, which allows the customer to pay to a third-party holding account that only releases money to the timeshare exit company upon the termination of the timeshare contract.

If you want to hear more about timeshare exit companies, no up-front fee escrow payment options, or get more advice on cancelling your timeshare contract, please fill out our contact form or engage in our live chat.

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