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How to Get Out of a Bluegreen Timeshare

If you are looking for options on getting out of a Bluegreen timeshare, we are here to help by providing advice on the best method to successfully cancel your timeshare contract.

Bluegreen Timeshare Cancellation Policy & State Rescission Period

State rescission period laws are there for the protection of new timeshare owners. Also referred to as the “cool-down period,” these laws ensure that a timeshare owner can cancel a new timeshare contract for a full refund by the timeshare developer within a short period of time after the timeshare purchase was made. Each state has a different rescission period, but usually it lasts for 3-7 days. Information regarding your state’s laws and process regarding the rescission period should have been provided to you by Bluegreen. If you still fall into this period of time, then this is the best method for you to end your timeshare contract.

If the rescission period has ended, then the first step you should take is to contact Bluegreen to find out if they have any options for cancelling your timeshare through them directly. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Bluegreen Timeshare Resale

Many timeshare owners think timeshares, like real estate, increase in value over time. However, for most timeshares, this is untrue. Bluegreen timeshares in particular do not typically hold their value, and many can be found listed for $1 on Ebay or Craigslist.

There are timeshare broker companies in existence that assist with reselling timeshares for a commission. However, these companies typically only work with owners of high value, in-demand timeshares. If a timeshare resale company charges a high up-front fee or claims to be able to resell a timeshare that has similar timeshares listed for cheap on Ebay, then it is likely a scam business.

No Upfront-Fee Escrow Payment Options & Timeshare Exit Companies

Timeshare exit companies assist timeshare owners with getting rid of their unwanted timeshare contracts. They are a great option for timeshare owners whose timeshare developer does not offer its own program for cancelling their timeshare. It is very important to put in research in order to find a legitimate, reputable timeshare exit company if you are considering using one to help terminate your timeshare contract.

Luckily for you, our website exists to advise timeshare owners with cancelling their timeshare contracts. We review timeshare exit companies and only recommend those that offer no up-front fee escrow payment options to ensure that you are 100% protected from fraud. In the timeshare relief industry, there have been many cases of timeshare exit companies charging clients up-front for their services and never following up with their end of the bargain. For this reason, it is only recommended to work with a timeshare exit company that offers a no up-front fee escrow payment option, which allows the customer to pay to a third-party holding account that only releases money to the timeshare exit company upon the termination of the timeshare contract.

If you want to hear more about timeshare exit companies, no up-front fee escrow payment options, or get more advice on cancelling your timeshare contract, please fill out our contact form or engage in our live chat.

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