How to Get Rid of a Vacation Village Timeshare

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If you currently own a Vacation Village timeshare but want to get out of your commitment, we can help provide you with advice.

Timeshare Rescission Period

If you recently purchased your timeshare, you should first look into your state’s timeshare rescission period, which is a short period of time in which a new timeshare owner can cancel their contract for a complete refund from the timeshare developer. Most states allow 3 – 14 days for their rescission period, but each state is different. Florida is 10 days and Nevada is 5, for example. You should have been provided information and instructions on how to cancel your timeshare within the rescission period by Vacation Village in the documents you were given upon the signing of your timeshare.

If you have owned your timeshare longer than the rescission period, you will need to examine other options for getting out of your Vacation Village timeshare contract.

Timeshare Resale Market

Owning a timeshare is not like owning real estate, where value increases with time. Unfortunately, most timeshares lose a significant amount of value once the contract is signed. Many timeshares can not even be given away for free. This is why you’ll see so many timeshares on Ebay and Craigslist for $1 with no bids. It is also why most charities won’t allow you to donate your timeshare to them either.

Timeshare Exit Companies

Some timeshare developers offer a “deedback” or “take back” program that allow owners to give the timeshare back to the timeshare developer. It is always recommended that you reach out to your timeshare developer first to see if they will take the timeshare back from you before speaking with anyone else.

If a “deedback” or “take back” program is not available, and you are unable to sell, a timeshare exit company is a logical next step. Timeshare Exit Companies work with legal professionals to assist timeshare owners with cancelling their unwanted timeshare contracts. If you are considering this option, make sure you thoroughly research timeshare exit companies before deciding on one because many scams exist.

There have been many accounts of timeshare exit companies cheating their clients out of money by charging them up-front for their service and never following through with cancelling the timeshare. For this reason, we like to recommended timeshare exit business that allow you to use an escrow payment option. When you pay with escrow, your money is held in a third-party holding account that releases the funds to the company only after they have cancelled the timeshare contract. Learn more about escrow and why you should care here.

Here on our website, we provide reviews and advice on timeshare exit companies to timeshare owners. If you want to receive a consultation from us, further examine the option of timeshare exit companies, or hear more about escrow payment options, please fill out our contact form on the right or engage in our live chat. You may also give us a call by dialing the number at the top of the website.

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