Nationwide Settlement Solutions Review

Nationwide Settlement Solutions, founded in 2011 in Springfield, MO, is a timeshare exit company claiming to help clients terminate their timeshare contracts.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ Services & An Analysis of Their Website

On their website, Nationwide Settlement Solutions states that they are 100% effective at timeshare cancellation. They go on to say that the first step in their timeshare cancellation service process is determining if the client is eligible for “Resort Timeshare Fraud Victim status.” It is to be assumed that the 100% timeshare cancellation effectiveness mentioned by the company applies only to Resort Timeshare Fraud Victims and that Nationwide Settlement Solutions focuses on helping specifically victims of misrepresentations or illegitimate business practices, rather than just anyone, break their timeshare contract.

On Nationwide Settlement Solution’s page titled “What do we do?”, they mention one of their services as helping clients “Navigate the cooling off period process.” The cooling off period refers to the period of time shortly after the purchase of a timeshare where state laws allow for the new timeshare owner to cancel their timeshare for a total refund, without the timeshare developer being able to do anything about it. Every state is slightly different, but this period is usually around one to two weeks, and a quick web search is sufficient to find out about how the cooling off period works for a specific state. If Nationwide Settlement Solutions charges significantly for such a service, then it is shameful of the company to do so. There is no reason to hire a timeshare exit company to cancel a timeshare contract during the cooling off period, unless one is very lazy or the company is only providing free advice on the process.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Reviews & Complaints

The Nationwide Settlement Solution reviews on their own website are, unsurprisingly, very positive, as reviews on business’s own sites tend to be. As of 1/17/2019, the company does have a 4.3 (out of 5) star rating on Google and a 3.8 (out of 5) star Facebook rating, but their Yelp rating is 2 (out of 5) stars, with a few recent, positive reviews and many reviews mentioning unsolicited cold calls, over-priced services, and unresponsiveness from the company.

On the BBB, there are 42 customer complaints, and the BBB gives Nationwide Settlement Solutions an “F” rating (as of 1/17/2019) for “Advertising issues found by BBB” and the fact that the “Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.” According to the BBB, Michael Miles owns both Nationwide Settlement Solutions and American Settlement Services. As of 1/17/2019, American Settlement Services does not have an official BBB rating, but there are 27 customer complaints for this timeshare exit business as well.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Cost for Services

The Nationwide Settlement Solutions cost is not displayed on their website due to the individualized, case-by-case nature of fees for timeshare cancellation services. However, on the BBB, customers mention paying different prices of $2,500, $5,300, $7,000, and $8,995 for Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ services.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Concluding Thoughts

Nationwide Settlement Solutions mentions a 100% money-back guarantee, implying that they charge clients up-front for their services. It is always in a customer’s best interest when working with timeshare exit companies to pay via a escrow payment option that allows for payment to be made to a third-party holding account that only releases money to the company upon the success of their services. There have been many cases within the timeshare exit company industry of businesses taking their clients money and disappearing with it, so it is advisable to pay a timeshare exit company using an escrow payment option. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

If you would like to hear more about escrow payment options or get more advice on timeshare exit companies, please fill out the contact form on this page or engage in our live chat.

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