Timeshare Compliance Review

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Timeshare Compliance, founded in 2012, is a timeshare exit company located in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Timeshare Compliance’s Escrow Payment Option

Timeshare Compliance offers a escrow payment option. The option allows payment for Timeshare Compliance’s services to be initially made to a third-party holding escrow account. The money is not released to Timeshare Compliance until the successful completion of their timeshare cancellation service to the customer.

No up-front fee escrow payment options are the best way for customers to protect themselves from losing money to a timeshare exit company that is unable to follow through with services, whether this is due to fraud or the company going out of business and disappearing into thin air. The fact that Timeshare Compliance offers such an option speaks very highly of the company, and is why we recommend them.

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Analysis of Timeshare Compliance’s Website

On Timeshare Compliance’s website, there is a page titled “Compliance” that allows potential clients to click on the state where their timeshare was purchased in order to be provided with information on how state-specific laws can help in the termination of their timeshare contract. The company provides sources and links to websites as backing for the information given on each state’s page. Timeshare Compliance’s effort in building out such detailed information and obvious understanding of state laws gives them much credibility.

The “FAQ” page on Timeshare Compliance’s website gives more details about working with the company and explains their no up-front fee escrow payment option. It is surprising that the company does not more highly feature their escrow option for payment, as this is the top thing that people looking to cancel their timeshare should look for in choosing a timeshare exit company.

The company’s “Videos” page on their website links to their national television commercial and other general informational videos on timeshare cancellation (not specific to Timeshare Compliance.) They do not feature any video testimonials of their own customers on their website, although on the homepage of the website, there is a link to the “Videos” page that is titled as “Testimonials,” which is odd. There is one video testimonial of a customer on Timeshare Compliance’s Youtube page, but this is not on their website itself.

Timeshare Compliance Reviews

The Timeshare Compliance reviews online are positive, overall. As of 1/15/2019, the company has an aggregate 4 (out of 5) star rating out of 150 reviews on TrustPilot and a 5 (out of 5) star rating out of 23 reviews on BBB. There are 3 complaints on BBB (as of 1/15/2019), where two of the complaints mention receiving unsolicited calls from the business, but we cannot verify whether this is true or not, and both of these claims are marked resolved. On Glassdoor, three former Timeshare Compliance employees have negatively reviewed Timeshare Compliance for promises made by the employer to the employee that ultimately proved untrue (as of 1/15/2019.)

Timeshare Compliance Cost for Services

The Timeshare Compliance cost is not available on the company’s website due to individualized timeshare cancellation cases requiring different specific services, and thus different fees. However, one review on BBB by a “Judith M.” mentions that the Timeshare Compliance cost for services was $3,949, which can be used as a general guideline. Even so, the only way to get a true estimate of Timeshare Compliance’s charge is by using the free consultation mentioned on the company website.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Timeshare Compliance appears to be a legitimate business, and their escrow payment option gives them a huge competitive edge in the industry by providing customers with security in knowing that their money is protected and will not be released to Timeshare Compliance before the client’s timeshare is cancelled.

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