Wesley Financial Group Review

Wesley Financial Group (also operating as icanceltimeshare.com), founded in 2012, is a timeshare exit company based out of Nashville, TN.

Reputation of Chuck McDowell, Owner of Wesley Financial Group

Chuck McDowell is one of Wesley Financial Group’s owners. Before starting Wesley Financial Group, McDowell worked as The Vacation Ownership Group’s Vice President, as stated by prnewswire.com. The FBI shut down The Vacation Ownership Group for fraud in 2013, as stated in this release by the court. However, The Vacation Ownership Group’s court sentencing hearings did not involve McDowell, and he may not have been employed with the company when it was shut down.

Chuck McDowell acts as the voice of Wesley Financial Group in commercials that the business runs to advertise its services. The ads feature real, happy clients, as opposed to paid actors, giving the company’s reputation some legitimacy. In one of these commercials, a court case that McDowell was involved in against Wyndham, a large timeshare company, is brought to attention. The lawsuit itself, however, did not involve the cancellation of a timeshare contract. It revolved around Wyndham accusing McDowell of divulging trade secrets. McDowell was found not guilty, and more information about the lawsuit can be found here.

Wesley Financial Group Reviews

Wesley Financial Group reviews online are positive, overall. The company has an aggregate 5 (out of 5) star rating on BBB, with 40 total reviews and 3 total complaints, all addressed, as of 1/15/2019. Their Google rating is 3.9 (out of 5) stars, and their TrustPilot rating out of 124 reviews is 5 (out of 5) stars, as of 1/15/2019. There is only one negative (1 star) review on Yelp from 2014 that speaks against the company (as of 1/15/2019.)

On their website, Wesley Financial Group features customer reviews in the form of video testimonials, which speaks highly of the company’s quality of service due to the time customers must put in to contribute a video review.

Wesley Financial Group Cost for Services

The Wesley Financial Group cost for their services is not disclosed online, due to timeshare cancellation services requiring individual consultations of each case in order to give a proper estimate of total fees. Wesley Financial Group does offer a free consultation according to their website.

Wesley Financial Group’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Concluding Thoughts

The Wesley Financial Group website also refers to a 100% money-back guarantee, implying that they charge up-front for their services. While the company appears legitimate, 100% money-back guarantees are not actually the safest way to protect customers from scams.

Within the timeshare exit company industry, there have been several cases of fraudulent companies taking their customer’s money and never accomplishing what they said they would do. It is always recommended instead to work with a company that offers a no up-front fee escrow payment option that allows the client to pay money to a third-party holding account that is released to the business itself upon the successful completion of the service agreement between the client and company. Learn more about escrow and why you should care here.

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